Phil’s Testimony

Phil’s Testimony

The rest of the Chapelaires have asked me to write out my testimony, which is always daunting for me, to put it mildly. But they asked for it, so here it comes!!!
I was born in Richmond Hill, Ontario, to John and Joan Pugh on November the 12th of 1977. To some of you that might not seem old, but my kids think I’m ancient! I will have been married to my beautiful wife Cyndi for thirteen years on the 3rd of March, 2014. We have two children, Julia (12) and Daniel (11). People call that a millionaire’s family for some reason… not because of money, I’m sure.

As you can probably tell, I try not to take myself too seriously. I think life’s too short. Although if I keep up like this, this testimony will be too long!!

If I had to choose one thing that is most important to me, it is the saving grace of Christ in my life, pure and simple. I grew up in a Christian home with an older brother and sister and a younger sister. Some of my earliest memories were of sitting on my living room floor listening to music, which has become a major part of my life in itself. Growing up, I gravitated towards music and the arts, which led me to participate in many musical groups, both secular and Gospel. My influences include a wide variety of styles, from Motown and R&B to Blues, Black Gospel and Southern Gospel. There is something about vocal harmony that captures the essence of what is the most important to me as an artist: my faith. I was not saved until later in my life, however there were many times that I walked an aisle and prayed a prayer. This is how it happened. Cyndi and I attended the Steve Hurst School of Music in Cleveland, Tennessee in the summer of 2010. I came to school feeling discouraged and just run down in general. At one of the concerts that week, the Booth Brothers performed, and at one point in the service Michael gave the gospel message. I had never felt the presence of God until that night. I walked to the front and fell on my knees, all the while wondering if this was going to be for real. You see, it had happened before, and it was kind of old hat, if you know what I mean. This was totally different; I had never known the love, grace, and healing power of Christ until that night. The Holy Spirit used one of the greatest Christian men that I have ever known, Mark Trammell to sit beside me and help me through my doubts and fears, in spite of who I was and had been. He saw me for who I really was; a hurt person with a broken heart and a torn soul.

I got up off the floor a new person that night. That’s not to say I don’t have bad days; it just means I don’t face them alone. And that’s the point; Christ didn’t come to take away your bad days, but to hold your hand through them. If you haven’t listened to one thing I’ve said, listen to this: He loves you, and He wants you to come back to Him. And here’s the best part: you don’t have to have your act together!!! I’m proof of that! Just bring what you’ve got… He can use it!

Your brother in Christ,